Letters to editor

Golden goodness: Peter Bashford and Norm Wain enjoy their first draught beer back at the Narooma Golf Club on Friday. Picture: Narooma Golf Club.
Golden goodness: Peter Bashford and Norm Wain enjoy their first draught beer back at the Narooma Golf Club on Friday. Picture: Narooma Golf Club.

Glitch in voter registration and polling system?

Current federal law does not prevent an impersonator going to a polling place on election day to vote in another person's name.

The impersonator can then go to every other polling place in the electorate and continue to vote a multiple number of times in the same person's name.

A reasonable person would agree that this behaviour is illegal.

Yet, these two events can happen too easily because voters are not required to show ID when they vote, and when they vote their name is only marked off a paper roll that is not connected to an electronic database that would prevent them voting again in the same election.

The stealing of a person's vote and multiple voting can only be prevented by changing the law, but it is too late for the by-election in Eden-Monaro.

If people care enough about these issues, they will lobby their parliamentary representatives to demand a change in the law before the next general election.

Only by changing the law - and seeing it properly enforced - can they be confident that in the future their vote will not be stolen by fraud.

William O'Connell

President, Vote Australia Inc.

'Not happy with netting in Wadonga and Mummaga lakes'

It should not be allowed as there has been liciensed fishers in this area for 158 years and have had no need to fish these waters so why now?

Is it to please the politicians over indigenous issues?

Recreational fishermen and women who pay liciences every year had no input at all.

It is unfair and discriminatory.

Larry Lewis


'We won't be back'

The Labor candidate for the forthcoming by-election is calling for tax breaks to encourage tourists to visit the area.

After the bushfires, my husband and I organised a holiday in Narooma, booking via an on-line booking agency.

After paying their fee we were referred to a local real estate agent who required payment for the accommodation upfront.

We paid the requested 50 per cent, with the remainder to follow and shortly afterwards it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic would prevent us from being allowed to travel to NSW.

We had some discussion with the agent on our options that resulted in the agent cancelling the booking.

The on-line agency refunded all their fee.

The local real estate agent retained 100 per cent of their fee and a portion of the rent, leaving us considerably out of pocket.

To add insult to injury, their refund was sent by cheque, requiring a trip to the bank, despite the fact that I had paid by direct debit.

I expect a penalty for a change of mind, but not for a reason that was beyond our control.

We've had many holidays in Narooma.

It's a lovely town.

But this has put us off.

We won't be back.

Mary Shennan

Mentone, Victoria