Large, illegal bushfire burn at Tebbs Road, Narooma

Narooma Rural Fire Service has warned landowners to learn the rules of backyard burning after an illegal blaze called for five firefighting trucks on Sunday evening, July 12.

Captain Sophie Taylor said two Narooma crews, three Dalmeny crews and an RFS group officer were called to the Tebbs Road bushfire, after a member of the public dialed Triple 0 just after 5pm.

Ms Taylor said the burnoff was not arranged in piles, and the landowner lit the illegal fire to clean up logs and bush over about 400 metres on the property.

The fire was well-contained, however it was "so big" that many resources were needed to extinguish it. Flames were also within five metres of a shed.

She said the heavy rain was a crucial factor in helping extinguish it. Volunteers finished at the scene at 8.30pm.

Ms Taylor said it was critical for landowners to be educated about the rules and regulations of lighting fires before striking a match.

Notification of an intent to burn is a legal requirement of a landowner to let their adjoining neighbours know they are burning off and advise the fire control centre. Both require 24 hours' notice before lighting a pile.

Call the Eurobodalla Shire fire control centre at Moruya on 4474 2855.

Image: NSW RFS

Image: NSW RFS

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