'Please don't reduce NATA Oval': Letters to the editor

Proposed changes to Nata Oval

I write to alert your readers, and those in the broader Eurobodalla and Bega Shires, of proposed changes to Nata Oval as noted in Council's 2020 Sport Leisure Precinct Draft Plan of Management.

This plan is now available on the council's website and open for comment and submissions from the public. Whilst there are many good suggestions, there is a very disturbing proposal to reduce the footprint of Nata Oval. The plan suggests a relocation of the existing fence inwards, and creation of walkways around the outside of the area - a return to a "village green" atmosphere. Sounds lovely, but surely the council can't have forgotten just how jam-packed the oval was on January 1 this year when residents from the shire and other outlying areas were evacuated to Nata Oval - a designated Emergency Evacuation Area. Hundreds of people arrived seeking safety, help and reassurance in the face of the catastrophic bushfire disaster. Amongst them whole families with pets in tow, all dislocated and frightened. The scene was unforgettable! So how would a smaller Nata Oval service the community in the next emergency? I can't imagine how any reduction of the existing footprint of Nata Oval, or change to the secure fencing that currently defines the perimeter, could even be contemplated. It would be madness to reduce the capacity of any area proven essential in supporting the community in times of greatest need. Submissions to the council are due by 23 September 2020, please write now!

Carol Hellmers


People in glass houses should not throw COVID stones

For the record, I have family in Melbourne and country Victoria and I am glad their Premier is remaining adamant as is his counterpart in Queensland, that to prematurely relax the restrictions would conceivably result in a third and possibly worse wave of infections and deaths.

The criticisms being levelled at the Victorian government might have some basis and nobody denies that mistakes were made and matters could have been better handled ... and that applies elsewhere as well.

Look at the shemozzle that has followed the way Ruby Princess passengers were allowed to go home not only within Sydney but all over the country.

If we went back a bit further, how come the App isn't doing all it was trumped up to do by the feds?

If Victoria believed the hype around the App, it's no wonder their tracking activities are less than perfect!

If we went back even further to the beginning of the year and the first "patient zero" was detected in Australia, we should remember he came from overseas through border protection that could have been much more alert than they were at the time.

People in glass (parliament) houses should refrain from throwing political stones!

Jeff de Jager

Coila Creek

Stars of Eurobodalla go virtual

The annual Cancer Council NSW dancing event, STARS of Eurobodalla, will go ahead with a twist this year: The STARS and their dance partners' performances will be live-streamed direct to Facebook, in a new move to protect the community from COVID-19.

The well-loved event is due to take place on 7 November 2020 and, as with many public events during the global pandemic, will go virtual allowing the community to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

We are really excited to launch this all-new, online STARS of Eurobodalla event for 2020. Despite our hope that the event could go ahead as planned, we have been monitoring the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation in NSW and, especially considering recent events in Victoria, believe the safest and most responsible option is to go virtual.

Our seven STARS and their dance teachers are already hard at work.

You'll still be able to donate to your favourite STARS in the lead up to the event and live as the event is happening, we'll also have an e-raffle to help raise funds to support people impacted by cancer in the Eurobodalla Shire.

Events like STARS of Eurobodalla help Cancer Council NSW continue to provide practical support services, including Transport to Treatment. Last year, the Eurobodalla Shire Transport to Treatment service completed 357 trips helping cancer patients get to their life-saving treatment.

To watch on November 7, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StarsOfEurobodalla. To donate to your favourite STAR visit https://stars.cancercouncil.com.au/event/stars-of-eurobodalla/.

Sari Boschiero

Community Relations Coordinator

Cancer Council NSW - Southern Region

The 2020 Stars of Eurobodalla are: Megan Goucher, Mick Weyman, Sarah O'Riley, Melinda Macauley, Kailey Parr, Mathew Hatcher, Alison Miers.

Breastfeeding support online or in person

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) and Club Catalina are excited to announce a new project: Easier Access Breastfeeding Support

This project will provide sponsored places at Breastfeeding Education Live sessions and 12 months ongoing support via membership for up to 15 women in the Eurobodalla Shire and additional funds for face-to-face group meetings.

Pregnancy and childbirth is an exciting and hopeful time, but also a time when expectant parents need timely access to accurate information and skilled support.

There are limited support services for expectant or new parents in the Eurobodalla shire, including no publicly available face-to-face or online antenatal classes.

After the extreme bushfire conditions of 2019/20, many expectants or new families have been left feeling vulnerable and traumatised; their need for support greater than ever.

Just as we were getting our heads around the task of bushfire recovery, the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted our lives.

Online sessions are different from face-to-face interaction but they have many benefits

Many enjoy attending BELs from the comfort of their own home.

They are able to ask questions and interact with other expectant parents in a small group.

The aim is to empower expectant parents and give them the confidence they need to breastfeed their baby.

Breastfeeding does not require water, electricity or other equipment, reducing the need for breastfeeding families to rely on services during emergencies.

Pregnant women interested in accessing Breastfeeding Education Live should complete a short survey.

Michelle Mitchell, Group Leader Eurobodalla ABA

Margaret Grove, ABA President