The Informer: That's really a rogue roo romping through the national capital

Look up, look up - put your phone away. Photo: Canberra Metro Operations
Look up, look up - put your phone away. Photo: Canberra Metro Operations

There are plenty of cliches about Australia. We often have to point out that, no, we don't have kangaroos hopping down the street.

Except when we do, of course.

Canberra Metro Operations, which runs the city's light-rail network, posted some footage of a kangaroo that found its way onto a light-rail stop not far from the national capital's city centre.

The rogue 'roo startled unsuspecting passengers at the Dickson Interchange, a little more than six kilometres north of Parliament House.

Oh well, some cliches are destined to stick.

In welcome news from Victoria, the state has recorded just one new coronavirus case in the past 24 hours, with no new deaths recorded. The new case has been linked to a known outbreak.

Seven cases remain active in regional Victoria, with 150 further cases active in metropolitan Melbourne. Thirteen people are in hospital but no one is intensive care.

But authorities in NSW have demanded an increase in virus testing, after the state recorded another seven cases of COVID-19, including five locally transmitted cases.

This weekend also ushers in eased restrictions for NSW outdoor venues, with up to 500 people allowed to attend open-air concerts so long as they stay seated and four metres apart.

And finally, to two elections which are happening today.

In the ACT, most voters cast their ballots in early voting centres, encouraged to help manage the task during to limit the COVID-19 risks. But those who are out today get to enjoy the time-honoured tradition of the democracy sausage.

Sausage safety planning was only finalised on Monday, so there has been a last-minute effort to crank up the barbecues.

And in New Zealand, Labour prime minister Jacinda Ardern is tipped to hold power, having spent the final day campaigning in Auckland. The only poll that matters is held on election day, of course, but 11 previous opinion polls have showed Ms Ardern's party in the lead.

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