Letters: 'The council had made it simple for non-dog and dog owners alike'

SHORE THING: The view from Bingie south by John Hanscombe. Email your photos to community.eurobodalla@austcommunitymedia.com.au
SHORE THING: The view from Bingie south by John Hanscombe. Email your photos to community.eurobodalla@austcommunitymedia.com.au

Eurobodalla dog policy works

I would like to commend the Eurobodalla Shire Council for the way that they went about researching, surveying and reporting to the locals about the dog recommendations for on/off lead beaches.

In my area it is clearly signed to let you know what type of beach you are on and if dogs are permitted. It is also not very far to a 24 hour dog friendly beach if you don't want to wait to 5pm.

The council had made it simple for non-dog and dog owners alike especially visitors as it is well signed and advertised.

It has also made it easier and safer for council workers to patrol as areas are clearly marked.

Thank you again Eurobodalla Shire Council. for being so thorough and fair with the process and results. It's working very well.

S. Lloyd, Malua Bay

Cultural vandalism afoot

Not many residents of Eurobodalla seem to be aware of the major changes which are looming for the operation of the Narooma Tourist Information Centre.

The Centre occupies a building in a prime position in Narooma and incorporates a lighthouse museum containing significant equipment of the Montague Island lighthouse from before it was modernised.

The tourist information part of the building has been operated for the past five years largely by volunteers of the Montague Arts and Crafts Society (MACS) who also use it to display some of their art work.

Together. the provision by MACS of tourist information and services, their fine displays of art and crafts and the Lighthouse Museum combine artistic, historical and technological features that are a major feature of Narooma and possibly unique to NSW.

Now it appears that the Eurobodalla Shire Council wishes to do away with the friendly and personal provision of information to tourists and to expect them to "curate their itineraries" from information on the web or from local businesses.

It seems they wish to let out the part of the building apart from the Lighthouse Museum for some commercial organisation paying rent.

This is not only likely to reduce the availability of information to tourists but, considering the way this centre currently operates, amounts to cultural vandalism.

A. Baxter, Dalmeny

Action needed at Moruya bar before lives are lost

We were down from Nowra a couple of weekends ago and on the Sunday morning witnessed two boating incidents that very nearly ended up in two capsizes.

Surely there can be some measure put in place that either bans boats under say 8m from going out across the bar when it is so dangerous to do so.

Or something like a traffic light system at the start of the rock wall heading out to clearly warn of the danger and could be graded by the swell size etc.

We spoke to a local from Binbimbie who often fishes there and he saw the tragedy a few years ago and has seen many near misses since.

Others are going to lose their lives. The people from the near misses on the weekend were clearly shaken and glad to be alive. Both limping around in shock before coming back in as this clearly ruined the adventure.

D. Flemons, Terara

Canberra bureaucrats should reject ambit art gallery bid

I view with consternation the application by the School of Arts for funding under the Bushfire Economic Recovery Fund for $7.28 million for an art gallery which only an intellectual vacant allotment would regard as economically viable in a town with a less than 8,000 population.

Surely commonsense by the bureaucrats in Canberra will see this as an ambit bid and reject it out of hand.

J. Glover, Narooma

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