South Coast Leisure Times: autumn 2021

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Four Winds festivals closing statement will be Compassion, Nigel Westlakes stunning collaboration with Lior (pictured). Photo: Supplied

Four Winds festivals closing statement will be Compassion, Nigel Westlakes stunning collaboration with Lior (pictured). Photo: Supplied

Welcome to the South Coast

Autumn is a beautiful time on the South Coast - leaves are beginning to turn shades of ombre and fall from the trees, while the bite of the summer sun has eased.

It is still an excellent time to explore the great outdoors, and for those chilly or rainy days, there is plenty to do inside.

The memory of 2020's bushfires and the advent of the COVID pandemic is still with us, but the start of a new year and continued recovery efforts have buoyed business owners with optimism.

Visitors are warmly welcomed to this stunning part of Australia's coastline. The South Coast Leisure Times aims to bring you the most comprehensive information about our towns and villages from north of Wollongong right down to the hidden gems of the Sapphire Coast.

There are also plenty of events subject to COVID guidelines, of course, ready to be marked in your diary or planner.

Autumn is often the ideal time for festivals on the South Coast, and one of the highlights will be Narooma Oyster Festival from April 30 to May 2. This award-winning event celebrates South Coast NSW oysters, and the region's natural clean quality produce, chefs, and rich artistic and cultural talents.

Further south the Four Winds Festival is a three-day event featuring extraordinary live music, dance, Indigenous culture, theatre and film - deep in the bush near Bermagui. It's held over the Easter long weekend.

If you are up north, though, the Berry Celtic Festival is a yearly favourite. Hosted by the local Rotary club, it takes place on May 22 and celebrates the clans' customs and culture.

South Coast beaches are among the most stunning in the world - that's no exaggeration. If you are taking a dip or enjoying one of the many watersports on offer, remember to stay safe.

If you'd rather be on dry land, the choices are nearly endless. There are still plenty of events and activities taking place; just phone ahead to make sure you are booked and aware of any restrictions.

Outside the national parks, walking trails, forests and beaches are great places for a stroll or perhaps even a run or a cycle.

If you'd like to stay completely sun-safe, the region's many galleries, wine cellars, bars, clubs and restaurants should keep you happy.

Regardless of how you spend your autumn on the coast - stay safe and have fun.

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