Narooma News fishing report: Dec. 11

ANOTHER week offshore of rat or undersize kingfish and huge variations in water temperature at Montague Island.

On Thursday the water was 17c and pea green, by Saturday the temperature spiked to 20.6c - but still a bit green.

The rat kings are taking everything that anglers have to offer, jigs, live bait, strip baits and trolled lures.

There have been a handful of legal kings caught early last week, but reports for legal fish over the weekend were very scarce.

Charter Fish Narooma was able to put some boys from Wagga onto some legal kings last Tuesday.

Nick Cowley on “Playstation” said there were a total of five legal fish, and they tended to be on larger slimy mackerel, whereas the rats where more on smaller live baits, caught on the northeast corner.

Sunday morning fishing with Wazza and Simon of Lighthouse Charters’ “Spirit Of Narooma” again saw loads of rat kingies that were great fun on the north end of Montague Island with the only legal for the morning being breakfast for a speedy seal!

A great catch of sand and tiger flathead as well as snapper and mowies made up the tasty fish box.

Andy Legg and the Sherriff clients on Thursday also brought back a great mixed bag with a nice gummy shark thrown in.

For anglers out to catch a feed, there are plenty of flathead around, with sandies caught in the shallower water and larger tiger flathead in water over 33 metres.

The best baits for flathead have been fresh strips of slimy mackerel. All charter boats had big catches of flathead, mowies, snapper, pigfish, silver trevally and the occasional gummy shark during the week.

An operation by Eden Water Police on Sunday saw a couple of warnings issued to local boaters for minor issues, the word is that the police were very informative and certainly got their safe boating message across in a clear manner.

A sharp contrast to the Sydney-based Highway Patrol officers who misinterpreted “insecure load” to include rods in rod holders on boats last Easter.

The issue of rods in rod holders was cleared up after numerous emails to politicians and beauracrats - a rod holder is designed to “hold” a fishing rod, as such it is not an insecure load, but the rod cannot protrude outside the lines of the boat or trailer.

The quantity of live bait will start to decline soon, and we will all have to go to our favourite spots and hunt for livies again.

While some fishos still use the “tried and true” method of a small hook attached to light line with a piece of split shot on the line, most fishoes have now changed to “Sabiki” type bait jigs.

Sabiki jigs consist of either 5 or 6 small hooks attached by leaders to a main (dropper) line, each hook has a small bead and piece of plastic or feather.

The Sabiki jigs come in many sizes, but the best for this area are either size '5' or '6'.

A tip when using Sabiki jigs is to always use a reasonable sized sinker a 4oz snapper lead seems to be best, the use of a sinker of this size means the line remains tight and results in less tangles.

If you can see the bait and it's not taking your jig, consider putting very small pieces of squid on each hook, this is usually too good for the livies to refuse, but take off the hooks after use as it will quickly rust the hooks.

You can pick up Sabiki jigs from all tackle stores and cost $4-$5 each, and it certainly pays to have a few spares.

Further out, Scotty from Bermi Bait & Tackle reports that after a 'stop-start' six-weeks, local longliners fishing east of the port got a few fish with boats pulling 15-20 yellowfin, two or three big eye tuna and a couple of striped marlin.

Conditions have settled now for most of the week ahead. Water temps break to 23 degrees over the shelf.

The estuaries meanwhile continue to fire with the first reports of prawns in at least one south of Narooma – they are still a bit small though.

Nick Cowley of Charter Fish Narooma on his days off from the Playstation has been fishing Wagonga Inlet.

Nick has been fishing for whiting on the sand flats on the top of the tide, wind and choppy water has been making then bite better, on a 70mm sugar pen surface popper.

He also said there have been plenty of bream on the same lure around the oyster racks, and later in the week he went out with Alex Krantz getting more whiting, as well as flathead, bream and tailor.

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