Hollywood comes to Bermagui: star spotting 

TWO of Hollywood’s hot young actors have been spotted having gelato on the South Coast, while permission to film the iconic Wallaga Lake bridge has also been sought for Angelina Jolie’s new movie.

The Canberra Times reported that Canberra’s Mia Wasikowska was seen on Christmas Eve at the Bermagui Gelati Clinic with rumoured boyfriend Jesse Eisenberg, who starred in The Social Network.

They have reportedly been seeing each other since the middle of the year and have been photographed getting affectionate in locations from Toronto to Venice.

The “quirky couple” also appear together in the comedy thriller The Double.

Wasikowska, 24, was obviously showing New York-born-and-raised Eisenberg, 30, the hidden delights of Canberra’s summer playground, the beautiful South Coast.

She is a confirmed major talent in Hollywood, with a string of films to her name and most recently filming the starring role in Madam Bovary, in France.

And despite one keen-eyed fan posting on Facebook about seeing the couple in Bermagui, they have managed to kick back without too many people recognising them. They seem to like to dress down and do their best not to attract attention.

The Bermagui Gelati Clinic owner Alberto Cementon said that if the two stars had been in his shop, he wasn’t aware.

“I was pretty busy,” he said.

“I probably wouldn’t recognise them anyway. I’ve got little kids and haven’t been to the cinema in about nine years.”

But if you’d like a taste of what the stars were after, we are told the Gelati Clinic is open today and chocolate and mango are the two most popular flavours.

Gelato is also obviously a bonding agent for Wasikowska and Eisenberg, also photographed enjoying some on the streets of Toronto in July.

First Mia and Jesse, now Angelina?

The Canberra Times also reported that it had heard another little slice of the South Coast may end up in Unbroken, the film being made in Australia by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

It seems Bega Valley Shire Council has an application for some filming to be done of the picturesque old wooden bridge over Wallaga Lake, north of Bermagui.

The bridge was built in the 1890s and is certainly cinematic-looking.

The council’s new general manager Leanne Barnes said they believed the filming, yet to be done, was for Unbroken, the epic life story of World War Two hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini. But the Times says that was just a hunch.

Sadly, Screen NSW tells us that the filming is not for Unbroken but isn’t sure who is doing the production. With the council shutdowns we couldn’t confirm who was doing the filming, but watch this space.

Ms Barnes said it was no surprise film companies were interested in the South Coast.

“It is stunningly beautiful but also has these wonderful views and vistas which have that wonderful look of some time ago,” she said.

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