Surf Sistas snippets: March 26

March Surf Comp Results

WELL, what a difference a week can make. The rescheduled March comp was held on Sunday, March 23 after conditions were too dangerous on Sunday, March 16.  The comp was held at Kianga and despite an overcast dreary looking morning, it wasn't long until the sun came out and brightened things up.  Attendance was at a high and seven heats in all were held.  Congrats to all the newcomers, who all did great and really enjoyed themselves.  There surely is a lot of talent in the making.

Heat 1 results - first Lin Wilton, second Bee Weston, third Jane Rogerson. A great mix of waves for the girls in this round which was tightly contested with all girls showing great improvement and determination.

Heat 2 results - first Cat Davies, second Jane Perry, third Sue Lawson, fourth Tania Brown, fifth Sammee McCarthy.

Wave selection was the key in this heat. Well done to Jane Perry who surfed really well and only just missed out on first place. Tania injured her ankle and had to exit the water early - hope a full recovery is speedy Tan.

Heat 3 results - first Jackie Stallard, second Ann Nicholson, third Steph Ratcliffe, fourth Adele.

The newcomers in the open division showed how much fun learning to surf is. If the smiles and standing up on waves is anything to go by, I think they're hooked. The unofficial Gutsy award goes to Steph who consistently goes for everything and gives 110 per cent always.

Heat 4 results - 1st Amber Lumbrook, 2nd Georgia Macdonald, 1st Anna Rogerson, first Lara Ryder (mixed ages heat)

There was great competition in this heat even though it was a mixed age heat.  These girls surely are the ones to watch... well done!

Heat 5 results - first Ruby Moore, second Lani Rogerson, third Stephie Ovington.

Making it look easy! These girls love every minute of their time in the water. They even have the poses down pat.

Heat 6 results - first Savannah Lovell, second Leah Westoll, third Eve Ratcliffe.

The newbies on the scene had a great time with their water safety helpers - fantastic wave selection.

Heat 7 results - first Aisha Thomas, second Geena Thomas, third Tiarne Bailey.

It was Tiarne's first time in the surf and she showed great tenacity getting lots of waves and progressing to her knees, which is where everyone starts.  The Thomas girls have gone up a few notches thanks to enthusiasm and longer boards.

Monthly awards

Encouragement awards for March go to:

Lara Ryder - Lara has only been surfing for a matter of weeks and is giving it a red hot go.  Lara continues to improve and gain confidence.

Amber Lumbrook - Amber continues to push her boundaries and challenge herself in the water. The rewards from this are that she gets better every comp. Great work.

Jacqui Stallard - If Jacqui's smile and air fist pumping was anything to go by, she is bound to become a lifelong surfer.  Jacqui snatched so many waves today and looked relaxed and happy on all of them.  The little jig at the end of the heat was a crowd pleaser.

Surfer of the Month:

Lin Wilton was stoked to be awarded the March Surfer of the month.  Lin's surf style is becoming individual as she gains more confidence. Lin has aspirations to nab her first barrel in the near future.

No training this week.

Please be advised that there will be no official training at Bar Beach this Thursday.  Don't forget you can always get along with mum and dad though and do some training on your own.

Training resumes Thursday, April 3 at 4.30pm.

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April Surf Comp - Bingie

Sunday, April 27 is the date for the next competition.  It is at Bingi and starts at 8.45am.  Make sure you're there early in case the conditions mean we have to relocate.

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