Great white shark encounter off Bermagui | Photos video

Shark video by Jason Moyce aka Trapman_Bermagui

Bermagui commercial hook, trap and line fisherman Jason Moyce has filmed his latest encounter with a great white - this just his most recent experience with sharks that he regularly encounters off the Far South Coast of NSW.

His encounter with the shark about 2km off the Bermagui Blue Pools on Wednesday comes after another attack attributed to a great white shark this time at Ballina on Thursday and also numerous sightings and interactions with sharks on the Far South Coast in recent weeks.

Around Australia and locally, it is a mystery whether great white sharks are coming in closer or perhaps increasing in numbers or whether there are just more people in the water reporting more observations.

But one thing's for sure, Jason Moyce in his day-to-day life on the water has captured some great footage of sharks including his latest encounter off Bermagui.

He had his dog "Berrmi" along with him on Wednesday and she seemed just as curious to check out the shark, which itself was curious nosing around the back of Jason's boat.

Eight weeks ago, he posted on Instagram another small great white shark he released from his long-line off Wallaga Lake beach, noting that he had seen a few other white sharks within 50 metres of the beach the same day. 

All these great white sharks were in that one small area off Wallaga Lake and for obvious reasons he has since avoided the area because he doesn't want to catch them.

"I have no idea what attracted them there but one thing's for sure, I have seen more great white sharks this year than ever before."

He also regularly encounters bronze whalers and mako sharks and the odd tiger shark that he does harvest for market.

Aware of the controversial nature of sharks, Jason said he was a responsible commercial fisherman doing the right thing and releasing the protected species and always kept well within all the rules for the benefit of the environment and the fishery.

"I also carefully handle the catch and that fishing sustainably and responsibly is what you get with Australian commercial fishermen, if you want to be responsible buy and be willing to pay a little more for fresh caught local fish in season," he said.

Speaking of responsible commercial fishermen, It was only last week that the trawler fishermen off Portland received praise for keeping and handing over a rare 6.3-metre basking shark to scientists at the Melbourne Museum.

And science is what is needed to look at the great white shark phenomenon.

The Narooma News is endeavouring to find out more about a series of acoustic buoys located on the seafloor between the southern end of Montague Island and the mainland that is acting like a fence detecting any tagged marine creatures, including sharks, that pass through.

The sea off Narooma and Bermagui has seen its fair share of strange arrivals in recent years from whales sharks to schools of leatherjackets that may or may not be attributed to wider changes in and warming of the ocean.

Meanwhile you can follow Jason Moyce and his amazing on-water encounters including underwater video at his Instagram account at Trapman_Bermagui