Warren Foster Snr busy on several television, film productions

Indigenous actor and musician Warren Foster Snr of Wallaga Lake is finding his acting career going from strength to strength and in recent months he has been involved in a number of television and film projects.

The 44-year-old father of four and resident of the Wallaga Lake Koori Village south of Narooma will again appear in the indigenous thriller Cleverman, set to air on ABC television soon.

He was cast as a featured extra in the second series of Cleverman that was filmed down at The Rocks in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“I was one of the scary hairy fellas and then the plot changes and I had to shave all of my hair off,” he said.

That filming was back in November and December of last year, so fortunately his hair has grown back for several other film projects he has been involved in since.

Earlier this year he was involved in a zombie apocalypse short film called “Z-End” that director Christian Fedor hopes to sell to someone like Netflix.

Foster and fellow lead Melanie Parker, play unlikely survivors, who fight for life and hope in the ruins of a dead world, as an unknown force watches and plots their end. 

He was proud to have a leading role in that production and had high hopes it would sell and get a wide audience, and he would love to have the film premiere at the Narooma Kinema.

He also has lead role in a television pilot that just wrapped up filming on the Hawkesbury River that is now in post production and will hopefully be be picked up by an Australian television station.

His agent also recently secured him a role as an extra in the production of “A Place to Call Home” that now airs on Foxtel.

Foster said he was happy to be travelling around expanding his acting career, although there is plenty to keep him busy at home on the Far South Coast too.

He continues to lead the Gulaga and Gahdu Dancers that perform at various local events and has also been teaching down at Eden Public School.

He has also a couple of books in the works, including a collection of 15 local dreamtime short stories that he hopes will feature illustrations by local artists and students from Bermagui Public School. 

And he is set to appear at the two-day Giiyong Writers’ Forum celebrating Aboriginal writers and stories that will be held at Jigamy, Eden on July 1–2 thanks to South East Arts. Click here for more

His talents also extend to music and has been writing and recording some tracks for the new series of the web series “Black As” that can be viewed the ABC’s iView. 

He also said as a local indigenous leader, the acting and performing roles helped him be a role model for the younger Koori crew who also had acting and musical aspirations.

“I enjoy it and have been having fun,” he said about his acting career. “I don’t look at it as work, I just like being there on set and being out there."